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The Spread

Welcome to Butter Waffles!


It was a beautiful waffles kind of morning. The kind of waffles drizzled with warm butter on top. They were so delicious it was our hot topic in route to school. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs we began to think of ways to make everyday a delightful butter waffles kind of day. Bringing warmth, joy, and cheerful smiles to all. Therefore, we created a brand to reflect our vision.

We are two young ambitious girls thriving to secure our purpose in this world. We both enjoy family game nights, playing sports, skateboarding, gaming, and TikToking. Our mother challenged us to balance our time and see the results if we dedicated the same amount of screen time in other creations to investing in ourselves. So here we present to you our Youth Clothing Line with many amazing trinkets and more products on the rise.

May we take your order?


Be our guest~


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